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Discover Tajweed through Online Quranic Instruction

AlfaranQuran is dedicated to enhancing the lives of Muslims by providing an affordable and convenient way for both kids and adults to learn the Quran online from the comfort of their homes. We believe that true joy is derived from a thorough grasp of the Quran's teachings, achieved through the study of Tajweed and Tarteel. This commitment drives us to create optimal learning approaches, offering interactive online tools that make Quran education accessible to all.

Online Quran Classes
with Tajweed for Both
Adults and Children

In the face of the demands of modern life, many Muslims find it challenging to allocate the desired amount of time for Quranic studies. This is precisely why we present a multitude of flexible online Quran learning avenues that can be customized to suit your time availability, specific interests, and preferred teaching style. Our extensive array of classes accommodates even the most hectic schedules, creating a sanctuary for Quranic devotion.

Embarking on the journey of online Quranic learning provides a profound sense of solace, knowing you're treading the virtuous path. This is the reason why our captivating, enlightening, and efficacious classes have garnered immense popularity across more than ninety countries, igniting a global passion for the Quran. Complimentary trial lessons are at your disposal, aiding you in pinpointing the ideal courses and instructors that seamlessly align with your Quranic learning aspirations and curiosities. Once you've identified your preferred mentors and subjects, enrolling in Quran classes is just a step away.

Is There a Way to Master Quranic Studies Online in an Engaging Manner?

In the realm of modern technology, a profound opportunity has emerged, extending our ability to impart the wisdom and teachings of the Quran to Islamic learners worldwide. Presently, our online Quran instructors are aiding students across nearly 90 countries, with a particular emphasis on comprehensive Tajweed-focused online Quran classes for children. Harnessing the cutting-edge advancements of the 21st century, AlfaranQuran seamlessly brings the sacred teachings of the Quran within the haven of your home, ensuring both comfort and security. Through interactive live sessions led by knowledgeable and respected instructors, you and your children can delve into the art of Quranic recitation with the precision of Tajweed, achieving outcomes parallel to traditional face-to-face learning. Our certified and extensively trained Tajweed masters at AlfaranQuran will meticulously steer you through the journey of Quranic recitation, ensuring impeccable pronunciation and profound emphasis on every syllable.

Exploring the Profound Benefits of Online Quranic Learning

One of the remarkable advantages of pursuing Quranic education online is the broad spectrum of teachers accessible to you, hailing from diverse regions such as the USA, Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. This stands in stark contrast to the confined selection of instructors available within your local vicinity. Our platform presents a roster of educators proficient in English, Arabic, and Urdu, facilitating students who are commencing their journey in Tajweed and Arabic, even if their Arabic proficiency is limited. From teaching the Quran and fundamental Tajweed principles to imparting Arabic language.

Furthermore, the multitude of advantages tied to early childhood Quranic education doesn't imply that embracing the teachings of the holy book has an expiration date. The journey of imbibing these profound lessons can commence at any life stage. Engaging with Quranic studies online remains equally relevant for learners of all ages. It particularly resonates with children due to their affinity for technology. The inherent flexibility of online Quranic study ensures that religious education can harmoniously integrate into their schedules, fostering a seamless balance.

We Offer Trials with Multiple Tutors

With our extensive years of experience in providing online Quran teachings, we hold a strong belief that our program will greatly benefit you, as it has for numerous dedicated Muslims. To ensure you find the ideal class and instructor, we are offering complimentary trial lessons. While all our classes contribute to fulfilling your devotion to Allah, the selection of the right teacher, focus, and skill level is crucial for maximizing the advantages. This is precisely why we present the opportunity for free trial sessions with multiple teachers and diverse class options, enabling you to determine the perfect fit.

Learn the Holy Quran With Experts

AlfaranQuran takes pride in its online Quran classes led by globally renowned certified educators. Our selection process prioritizes teachers who embody Islamic values within their communities, showcasing deep Tajweed knowledge and a virtuous lifestyle. Each teacher holds university or institute degrees, possessing titles like Hafiz, Qari, Alim, and has enriched their education through Tarteel Online’s teacher training initiative. Rigorous background screenings affirm the legitimacy of their credentials and references, ensuring uncompromised quality.

Our Prices Are Very Affordable

The affordability factor is an added perk of opting for online Quran studies. Our pricing structure is designed to accommodate various budgets. For a mere USD $39 per month, you can engage in two 30-minute classes a week. Upon registering for trial sessions and selecting your preferred classes, you have the flexibility to decide the number and duration of weekly classes. This dedication to disseminating the authentic essence of the Quran globally is evident in our rigorous teaching standards, adaptable scheduling, and cost-effectiveness.

Female Quran Tutors for Women

Recognizing the preference of numerous women for female instructors, AlfaranQuran ensures a diverse roster of proficient female teachers. These educators excel in Tajweed and Tarteel principles, offering classes in English, Urdu, Hindi, and contemporary Arabic. This holds true for adult women taking their initial steps into Quranic study. Paralleling the qualifications of our male instructors, these female teachers guarantee top-tier online Quranic education. With an extensive pool of skilled female instructors, we cater to the extensive requirements of women and parents seeking suitable educators for their children.

At what age should children commence their Quranic education?

It's advisable to initiate children's Quranic studies from a young age, ensuring that the divine words of Allah are ingrained in their minds and hearts for a lifetime. Through a strong groundwork in Tajweed and Tarteel, our courses empower both you and your children to derive enduring strength from the Quran. This resilience will serve as a constant companion throughout life's challenges, offering solace and guidance, regardless of the obstacles encountered.

We offer a unique opportunity for children to learn and comprehend the Quran under the guidance of exceptional teachers worldwide. Through this, your children will develop a profound affection for Islam and the Quran, which naturally leads to imbibing Islamic values. Parents who have acquired Quranic knowledge can nurture their children's innate familiarity by reciting to them from an early age. Age-appropriate online Quran lessons can commence once a child can formulate sentences in their native language, laying the groundwork for more intensive learning around four or five years old. Online Quranic education suits children well due to their affinity for technology, and the adaptable schedule ensures seamless integration of religious learning into their routine.

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Worldwide Recognition

AlfaranQuran is serving since
2019 in more than 90 countries
of the world including the USA,
UK, Europe, Australia


24/7 Service

We offer Quran lessons round the
clock to make it possible for you and your kids to learn with the busiest schedules.


Appraisal Certificate

We award a completion certificates
after the successful evaluation of the completed course that is posted to your mail address.


Easy Online Payments

We have made it easy for you to
process your invoices securely and safely via credit card, local bank transfers and PayPal.


One-on-One Classes

We are offering the individual
classes in Brother to Brother and
Sister to Sister, with one-on-one learning mechanism.


Evaluation Reports

Our quality control team will not
monitor teachers only but will
provide you a progress report every month.


Online Panel

We have a learning management
system to keep a record of
schedules, lessons, complaints,
and payments.


Alternative Teachers

To ensure, you won't miss, we
have alternative teachers to
conduct the class in the absence
of your teacher.


Multilingual Tutors

We strive hard to hire expert Arab
and Non-Arab, Male and Female
Quran teachers from Egypt, Jordan
and Pakistan..

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About Us

Our company operates in both the USA and Pakistan. However, our classes span the entire globe, including locations such as the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Norway, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Italy, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Belgium, Spain, and UAE. This initiative was established by Tarteel Technologies, an IT company, with the core objective of making top-notch Quran and Tajweed education accessible to individuals of all ages across the world. Our renowned brand, TarteeleQuran, has become emblematic of this mission, and our graduates are actively sharing the invaluable experiences they have gained from their Quranic studies with us.







Our Philosophy

Our unwavering motivation is to secure the blessings of Almighty Allah by disseminating His teachings to Muslims across the globe, enabling them to embark on a virtuous path. Emphasizing the significance of mastering the art of Tajweed, we recognize that the deepest comprehension is attained when reciting the Quran in accordance with its prescribed rules. Our mission extends to delivering the purest and most exquisite form of Almighty Allah's message to individuals born within the Islamic faith, converts embracing Islam, and all those intrigued by Quranic wisdom. In addition to the scripture itself, our ambition encompasses cultivating in our students the ability to exemplify ideal Muslim behavior, becoming beacons of illumination and comprehension of the Quran within their communities.